Local Party Chiefs individually responsible before PM for slow vaccine rollout

Party Chiefs and chairpersons of people's committees in localities will be individually responsible before the Prime Minister for slow vaccination.
Local Party Chiefs individually responsible before PM for slow vaccine rollout ảnh 1 Illustrative photo
The Ministry of Health yesterday sent its dispatch to party chiefs and party committees, and chairpersons in cities and provinces asking to accelerate Covid-19 vaccine rollout
In the dispatch, the Ministry of Health stated that, for the effective use of vaccines, and to rapidly increase coverage to control the epidemic situation as soon as possible, the Ministry of Health proposed party secretaries, party committees, and chairpersons of people's committees in provinces and cities consider Covid-19 vaccination as a key task at present.
Therefore, they must direct relevant agencies to promptly receive the vaccine as soon as accelerate the vaccination schedule for those aged 18 years and over with priority to those aged 50 years and older for people’s safety.
Localities should mobilize all forces for their vaccine rollouts. At the same time, they ought to prepare for vaccination of special persons when the Ministry of Health asks.
In particular, the Ministry of Health emphasized, if a locality has a delay in vaccination, the Ministry of Health will transfer the vaccine to another locality with faster vaccination progress, and then the Secretary of party committees and chairpersons of people's committees in provinces and cities must be held individually accountable to the Government and the Prime Minister.
As of October 10, Vietnam has received more than 87.7 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccines. With the above vaccine volume, the Ministry of Health has allocated 81.7 million doses to localities and functional agencies.
Under the plan, from now until the end of October, Vietnam can receive about 40 million doses of vaccine. In November and December, more than 65 million doses of vaccine will be brought to Vietnam. Accordingly, the Ministry urged localities to continue accelerating the vaccine rollout.
According to the Covid-19 immunization information portal, as of October 12, 56 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in Vietnam. More than 39 million people aged 18 and over have received the first dose of the vaccine and over 16 million people have been vaccinated fully.
Currently, eight provinces and cities have covered at least the first dose of vaccine for over 90 percent of the population from 18 years old; two provinces with 70-80 percent of vaccination coverage rate; and four provinces with 50-70 percent of vaccination coverage rate.

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