Insurance director advises people to buy health insurance

Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Agency director Cao Van Sang encouraged residents in the city to buy insurance to reduce their medical burdens.
Insurance director advises people to buy health insurance

Mr. Sang said that that nearly 6,567,000 people in the city buy medical insurance or the percentage of people covered by health insurance is 79.2 percent of the city’s population.

The rate of medical insurance holders is 1.5 percent, lower than expected by the Prime Minister’s figure. To meet the target, from now on to end of 2017, the city has to encourage 123,358 people to participate in health insurance.

Mr. Sang said 220,000 employees and 230,000 students plus 1.3 million locals have not bought social insurance.

Because cost of medical services and surgery hike by 20-30 percent compared to current charges and some services up to VND20 million ($880), Mr. Sang advised people to buy health insurance to reduce burdens on medical fee, especially the insurance agency will pay 80 percent of expensive charge of PET/ CT scan for insurance carders.

Over years, the insurer has repaid medical cost for many patients with life-threatening diseases.