Infirmaries asked to tighten cosmetic surgery services

The Ho Chi Minh City’s Health Department today sent a document to its sub-divisions to review its cosmetic surgery services and prevent incidents during surgeries.
Infirmaries asked to tighten cosmetic surgery services

The Department ordered infirmaries providing cosmetic surgery services to strictly follow regulations and surgery procedure steps. They must conform to regulations on personnel, carry out cosmetic surgery which the health authority had licensed . 

Moreover, all surgeons must observe the regulations set by the Ministry of Health. Additionally, all advertisings on the clinics’ website or brochure must be approved by authorities.

Furthermore, local medical authorities in districts have to tighten the control on private facilities and guide clinics which provide cosmetic surgery services to finish paperwork as per the law.

Local health authorities must put an end to medical facility misconduct or without permits. They must send its monthly reports to the Department of Health as well as encourage residents to discover illegal clinics to authorities.

The Department announced that it will enhance supervision to cosmetic surgery institutions to issue penalties on violators as per the present law.

As per the Department, apart from plastic surgery departments at public and private hospitals, HCM City has around 150 cosmetic surgery clinics.