Industrial production index increases 10.4 percent

Industrial production index (IPI) was estimated to post a year on year increase of more than 10.4 percent during the first ten months this year, reported the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Of these, the index of manufacturing and processing was up 12.7 percent. Electricity production and distribution increased 9.6 percent while it was up 6.6 percent of water supply and waste treatment. 
Products posting high year on year growth rates include petrol with  47.4 percent, steel 40.5 percent, TV 26.3 percent and liquefied petroleum gas 24.6 percent.
According to the ministry, industrial production has continuously been expanded.
Export growth far exceeded the set target in the third quarter.
Products contributing most to export turnover growth were phones, computers and components and garment products. They contributed nearly 50 percent to  the total export turnover increase of US$23.9 billion in the third quarter.

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