Hotline for vaccination consultation announced

The National Expanded Immunization project yesterday announced the 24-hour hotline 0981480480 for clearing queries and providing consultation of expanded vaccination.

Hotline for vaccination consultation announced

The Department of Preventive Medicine said that 28 cities and provinces have so far administered shots of vaccine ComBe Five on 131,100 infants.

According to reports , in addition to slight fever and dwelling in the injection site with the rate of 2.5 percent, some experienced high fever, prolong crying and convulsion fits in some localities with the rate of 0.05 percent.

Following the reports of vaccine side effects after shots of vaccine ComBe Five, the Ministry of Health ordered local departments of health to send its staffs to grass-root clinics in communes for examination and handling vaccinated cases with side-effects, especially in medical clinics without doctors or disadvantaged districts.

Moreover, health staffs should provide vaccination training to local medical workers on consultation for mothers who will keep an eye on their vaccinated kids.