Hotline 1022 adds one useful function related to social security

Dwellers in Ho Chi Minh City from August 6 are able to dial the Hotline 1022 and press 4 to access the Volunteer Network for support about healthcare and social security from 8am-12am.

The Volunteer Network is co-form by the HCMC Department of Information and Communications, the Quick Response Team under the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, and Vietnam National University – HCMC.

All 120 volunteers in this network are carefully selected and trained by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Vietnam National University – HCMC. They are responsible for taking messages, categorizing and then transferring them to corresponding organizations for feedbacks.

Healthcare-related messages will be transferred to the network ‘Companion Physicians’ for professional consultation via telephone and timely emergency support.

Messages related to essential commodities distribution will be transferred to the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of HCMC and other local volunteer groups or organizations to promptly deliver needed items.

Questions about policies for the vulnerable and poor will be transferred to functional agencies for precise responses and proper support.

At present the Hotline 1022 has five main functions of:

- Extension 0: reports on violations of regulations about Covid-19 prevention and control

- Extension 1: suggestions of the public to the Standing Committee of HCMC People’s Council regarding measures to improve the effectiveness in Covid-19 prevention and control

- Extension 2: requests for support to people having difficulties because of Covid-19

- Extension 3: medical consultation especially for Covid-19 prevention and control

- Extension 4: connection to the Volunteer Network to deliver support on general healthcare and social security in HCMC.

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