Hospital Director warns Covid-19 children can suffer post-Covid-19 conditions

Director of the National Children’s Hospital Associate Professor Tran Minh Dien warned children with mild Covid-19 can suffer Covid-19 condition which is a wide range of new, returning, or ongoing health problems people can experience four or more weeks after first being infected with the virus that causes Covid-19 at a press conference on March 22.
Hospital Director warns Covid-19 children can suffer post-Covid-19 conditions ảnh 1 A doctor is checking a child infected with Covid-19 for post-Covid-19 conditions
According to the Director, for children, post-Covid-19 is a term to refer to a group of long-lasting symptoms such as fatigue, taste disturbance, headache, cough, shortness of breath after contracting Covid-19 within three months and affecting the child's daily activities. These symptoms may persist from the initial illness or appear after recovery and are not caused by other causes.
The proportion of children with persistent symptoms after Covid-19 varies according to research in different countries, in different ages and populations, and how the duration of symptoms is determined differently. Moreover, the common symptoms of post-Covid-19 in children are also diverse and variable, and the prevalence of symptoms is also different. Therefore, at present, the exact number of post-Covid-19 incidents in children is unknown, said Associate Professor Tran Minh Dien.
At the same time, he also said that the World Health Organization has assessed the causes of post-Covid-19 including many factors such as characteristics of the virus, immune factors, sequelae after intensive care treatment.
Notably, an issue that is of great interest to parents is whether or not a child with acute Covid-19 will be infected after Covid-19? If yes, what are the symptoms and severity?
Answering parents’ concerns, Associate Professor-Dr. Tran Minh Dien said that up to now, there is no specific factor to predict that a child will suffer from post-Covid-19 after acute illness. A child with a mild case of Covid-19 may also show signs of post-Covid-19 symptoms.
However, if a child has a critical acute case of Covid-19 requiring mechanical ventilation or care in an intensive care unit, the child will be more susceptible to symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness which are common in people requiring resuscitation.
In addition, some studies have also shown that children with obesity, a history of allergies, chronic diseases, and children over 5 years old have a higher risk of developing post-Covid-19 symptoms than other younger groups.
The director of the National Children's Hospital recommended that, when parents see that their child has symptoms as described above or shows any signs or symptoms that the child did not have before contracting Covid-19, they should necessarily take their children to medical facilities to determine the disease as well as have proper treatment and care. In particular, if a child is hospitalized during an acute episode of Covid-19, they should be re-examined according to the appointment of a medical facility.
In addition, even if the child does not have any suspicious symptoms of post-Covid-19 infection, parents can take the child to see a pediatrician between 4-12 weeks after contracting Covid-19 for examination of children’s health status.
As for how to prevent post-Covid-19 for children, Assoc. Prof-Dr. Tran Minh Dien said that because the clear cause of post-Covid-19 has not been found yet, there have been no measures, drugs, or food that can help prevent the emergence of post-Covid-19. The only way to prevent a post-Covid-19 appearance is to prevent the child from contracting Covid-19 by taking appropriate preventive measures and vaccination.
Approximately 130,735 new infections were recorded countrywide including four from foreign countries entering Vietnam and 130,731 domestically-infected cases in 62 provinces and cities. At the same time, the whole country has 186,137 recoveries and 65 deaths.

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