Health Minister directs to strictly handle vaccination

In his dispatch to heads of people’s committees and departments of health in cities and provinces, Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long directed to strictly handle vaccination.
Health Minister directs to strictly handle vaccination ảnh 1 Health Minister directs to strictly handle vaccination
Under the dispatch, chairpersons in cities and provinces must decide people of top priority groups depending on the development of the coronavirus in the locality.
Accordingly, the Minister of Health pointed out that over the past time, the Ministry of Health has allocated many different Covid-19 vaccines such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna to localities and agencies that are responsible for organizing vaccination campaigns.
To facilitate the vaccination drive as per the government’s direction, the Ministry of Health proposed departments of Health of the provinces and cities to direct relevant units to continue vaccination drive for people in priority groups especially coronavirus-hit cities and provinces.
Healthcare workers should provide consultations of vaccine benefits to receivers to avoid wait-to-see mood and speed up vaccination. Additionally, medical workers must screen and check vaccine receivers before and after inoculation.
The health minister also proposed organizing vaccination in fixed venues as well as in mobile trucks in residential quarters, factories, and industrial parks. The injection schedule must be different to avoid big gatherings of people. Vaccine receivers should be screened and checked their health status before injection.
Furthermore, Mr. Long proposed local health authorities use e-health records under the guidance of the Ministry of Information and Communications to manage and keep track of each person’s vaccination timetable. Local administrations should enhance the information of vaccine benefits in social media during the spread of Covid-19 to encourage people to have enough vaccine jabs.

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