HCMC welcomes nearly 12,000 innovations

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in 2019 witnessed a growth of innovation registration related to science – technology and startups thanks to more than 743 programs, contests, and campaigns held all year round.

HCMC welcomes nearly 12,000 innovations

Accordingly, approximately 11,968 new ideas in the grassroots level have been certified.

In addition, the district authorities actively collaborated with related offices to evaluate and then implement 184 projects and models that apply science-technology into their daily management and administration tasks in order to improve performance.

According to Deputy Director of the HCMC Department of Science and Technology Nguyen Khac Thanh, supporting activities for innovative startup in the city lately have greatly contributed to the capacity boost as well as links among members in the innovative startup ecosystem of HCMC.

It is suitable support policies that have had decisive effects on different stages in the innovative startup process while helping to strengthen international collaborations for a sustainable urban development.