HCMC extends preventive diphtheria measures

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee requested to perform mass vaccination against tetanus and diphtheria as a preventive measure.


HCMC extends preventive diphtheria measures
Inspector groups will travel to districts for guidance of preventive solutions.
Moreover, Deputy Chairman of the city People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem has signed a document asking the Department of Health to extend monitor activities and testing for early detection of cases of diphtheria and quarantine of possible case as well as disinfection of environment.
Health workers must give antibiotics to those who had close contact with infected people. Medical clinics should provide early treatment to minimize critical cases and deaths and prevent cross-infection in hospitals.
The Center for Disease Control, medical centers in districts were assigned to make statistics of children who have been injected vaccine against diphtheria in the National Expanded Immunized Program to ensure 95 percent of children having the vaccine.
The education sector was also required to implement disinfection activities in schools and classrooms. People’s committees in districts should facilitate vaccination and encourage people to take their children to nearby clinics for vaccine shoots.

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