G-bond auction raises VND3.09 trillion

The State Treasury mobilized VND3.09 trillion in the Government bond auction held on the Hanoi Stock Exchange on May 6.

The auction offered VND4 trillion worth of G-bonds. Of which, 10-year and 15-year bonds valued at VND1.5 trillion each, and 5-year and 20-year bonds at VND500 billion each.

The 5-year bonds mobilized VND90 billion with an interest rate of 2.2 percent per annum, up 0.4 percent per annum compared to the previous auction. The 10-year bonds collected VND1.5 trillion with an annual interest rate of 2.63 percent, up 0.13 percent per annum. The 15-year bonds lured VND1.5 trillion with an interest rate of 2.93 percent per annum, up 0.08 percent per annum. The 20-year bonds had no successful bids.

Since the beginning of this year, the State Treasury has raised more than VND39.14 trillion worth of G-bonds through auctions on the HNX.