Fruit prices might highly increase near Tet holidays

Prices of some fruits such as mango, custard apple, mandarin, pomelo and dragon fruit might highly increase in days near the Tet holiday because of supply reduction.
Fruit prices might highly increase near Tet holidays

The statement was made by Mr. Nguyen Nhu, deputy director of Thu Duc wholesale market last night when a HCMC delegation worked with management boards and traders of Thu Duc and Hoc Mon wholesale markets on Tet goods preparation.

According to him, supply has reduced because unusual weather with unseasonable rains has affected fruit yield and quality and raised production costs.

Traders in Thu Duc wholesale market have signed contracts with production households to prepare goods for the Tet holiday. The volume of goods to the market will increase 10 percent over normal during peak time on February 11-13 to reach 7,000-7,500 tons a night. Of these, vegetables will swing from 2,700-3,000 tons a day while fruits will hit 4,300-4,500 tons a day.

Thu Duc Market Company forecast that pomelo supply will touch 150-170 tons a day and mango 100-120 tons a day. They were 190 tons and 130-150 tons respectively a day during the same period last year. 

At present, green peel pomelo is priced VND70,000 a kilogram at gardens, VND20,000 higher than the same period last year.

Thu Duc Market Company has worked with traders to closely supervise goods supply and demand at markets to stablize prices. From now until the Tet holiday, the market will coordinate with food safety management board to take 80 samples including 50 vegetable and 30 fruit samples for pesticide residue testing and strictly handle violations to protect consumers' health.