Discussion on e-commerce, startup launched

The Vietnamese Youth Union has just organized a discussion themed ‘E-commerce and Innovative startup’ in Ho Chi Minh City.

Discussion on e-commerce, startup launched

In this event, young participants had a chance to share their creative startup ideas with experts in the field of electronic commerce.

All agreed that e-commerce should be done on high-tech platforms for activities such as digital currency transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, data collection and management.

At the moment, more than 53 percent of the Vietnamese population are accessing the Internet, which makes this channel a commercially lucrative potential for young startups.

However, these entrepreneurs are facing many challenges since they have not mastered the concept of e-commerce yet, leading to various unfocused and seemingly useless inquiries in the discussion. In addition, despite their great concern in startup activities, these people have not clearly identified their own direction or possible partners, so it is extremely hard for them to fully and successfully develop their ideas.

The discussion belongs to a series of events in the National Festival for Innovative Startup 2018 with the theme ‘I-Love-My-Country Journey 2018’. The festival is launched in 11 provinces and cities nationwide under the topic of ‘The Youth and Startup’.