Consumer goods increase continuously, supermarkets pledge to stabilize prices

The prices of some consumer goods and fresh food for sale at small and spontaneous points of sale in Ho Chi Minh City have started to hike in the past few days. Sellers explained that freight costs started to climb, so the increase in selling price was inevitable. Meanwhile, large supermarkets and trade centers confirmed that they still run many promotions and offer deep discounts to support consumers.

It was recorded on May 16 that at a fast food shop on Hai Ba Trung Street, District 3, the price of banh mi with ham was adjusted from VND20,000 per loaf to VND25,000 per loaf; Vietnamese pork bologna and Vietnamese rice pyramid dumplings also had new prices. The sellers said that the prices of Vietnamese pork bologna, baguette, and herbs all went up, so they were forced to raise the selling price. Although the selling price is increased, it is only to compensate for the slippage, not to make a profit.

At a store in Tan Chanh Hiep Ward in District 12, specializing in selling fried Vietnamese pork bologna and Vietnamese square Northern sticky rice cakes, the prices rose by VND5,000-VND10,000 per item. For example, a one-kilogram Vietnamese square sticky rice cake costs VND80,000, an increase of VND5,000; Vietnamese pork bologna and grilled cinnamon pork paste fetch VND230,000-VND240,000 per kg, up VND10,000 per kg. Moreover, the home delivery fee is also higher than before, from VND10,000-VND20,000 per trip, depending on the distance.

Nguyen Van An, living in Tan Son Nhi Street in Tan Phu District, said that the store is 3 kilometers from his house, but he still has to pay an additional VND10,000 for the delivery fee, while the seller offered free home delivery previously.

Ngo Thi Phuong, a grocer on Nguyen Oanh Street in Go Vap District, said that the retail prices of many products surged continuously, while there were not many buyers. A month ago, chicken eggs cost from VND33,000 to VND35,000 per box of ten, but now they have risen to VND35,000-VND40,000. As for first-grade eggs, the price is always over VND40,000 per box of ten eggs. She explained that recently, the price of chicken feed had increased sharply, and the supply of poultry eggs has decreased because farmers reduced their flocks, affecting the selling price of eggs in the market.

Meanwhile, according to Mr. Truong Chi Thien, General Director of Vinh Thanh Dat Food Joint Stock Company, the company has kept the selling price of eggs stable at supermarkets and shops from the beginning of April to now. The selling price of first-grade eggs is about VND29,500 per box of ten.

As for supermarkets, the selling prices of essential consumer goods, such as rice, cooking oil, and eggs, have remained stable, or supermarkets have increased discounts and promotions to support buyers. The representative of the MM Mega Market Vietnam supermarket system informed that the company still launched several price stabilization programs as committed. Co.opmart supermarket system offers big discounts of up to 50 percent, depending on the time, for food, clothing, and cosmetics of all kinds.

The amount of goods arriving at wholesale markets in HCM every night remains stable. The volume of pigs to Hoc Mon Wholesale Market exceeded 4,300 heads, equivalent to about 326 tons per day. The price of live pigs at livestock farms and households is from VND57,000-VND60,000 per kg; The price of Grade A pork cuts is about VND76,000 per kg, and that of Grade B pork cuts is VND68,000 per kg. The price of baby back ribs is VND130,000 per kg, and pork belly is VND105,000 per kg.

Besides, the representative of Thu Duc Wholesale Market informed that the volume of goods entering the market was abundant, with vegetables and fruits reaching over 1,900 tons, so there would be no sudden price increase. The price adjustments, especially at small points of sale and in traditional markets, are decided by the sellers.

At Bien Hoa Market in Dong Nai Province, pork prices have escalated sharply after animal feed prices climbed. Specifically, pork belly fetched VND120,000 per kg, pork ham VND90,000 per kg, and ribs VND150,000 per kg, VND5,000-VND7,000 per kg higher than a month ago.

According to small traders, pork prices have merely increased in the past week due to continuous hikes in bran prices. Trinh Dinh Xuan, raising more than 100 pigs in Song Ray Commune in Cam My District, said that although the price of live pigs was VND60,000-VND61,000 per kg, farmers still had difficulties in repopulating the pig herd because bran prices advanced continuously, discouraging many households from investing.