Binh Dan hospital announces hotline for urethral emergency treatment

Binh Dan hospital in Ho Chi Minh City has announced it officially operated an unit for urethral emergency treatment as well as introduced a hotline 0962 021 771.

Binh Dan hospital announces hotline for urethral emergency treatment
The hotline aims to assist people who have urethral injuries in daily activities or work accidents. Urethral experts will provide treatment guidance soon so that relatives of patients can treat them correctly; accordingly, it helps reduce waiting time and effectiveness in treatment. The hotline 0962 021 771 is operated 24/7.
Hospital director Dr. Tran Vinh Hung said that If the urethra is injured, a person may develop retention, urethra obstructions or strictures because urethral injuries can cause crack in urethra leading to these complications. Therefore, if he is not treated rightly in the first time, urethra obstructions or strictures will cause difficulties for future treatment.
Moreover, relapse of urethra obstructions or strictures is highly likely re-occur and risk of urethral infection increase affecting patients’ living quality .
Binh Dan hospital receives many patients with urethra obstructions or strictures due to accidents especially manual laborers, or drivers.
Urethra treatment should be performed by skilled doctors and in hospital with specialized equipment.

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