Air tickets carry additional system administration fee

From May 9, some airlines began to increase the system administration fee for all types of airfares and all active domestic flights.

Particularly, Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines, and Vasco will apply a system administration fee of VND350,000-VND450,000 per flight, including value-added tax, an increase of VND100,000 per flight compared to the previous level.

Similarly, Bamboo Airways will also raise its system administration fee by VND90,000 per segment, starting to apply for booking confirmations from May 10.

Accordingly, group tickets will be charged from VND370,000 to VND460,000, and individual tickets will increase by VND90,000 per flight, from VND320,000 to VND410,000. However, for some stimulus and special tickets for groups, Bamboo Airways may not apply additional system administration surcharges.

According to carriers, the increase of the system administration fee is to adjust to the market, helping the ticketing system to operate better.