African Swine Fever not yet announced in Vietnam

The Department of Animal Health under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has not yet announced African Swine Fever as well as instruction of prevention and culling.
African Swine Fever not yet announced in Vietnam
By May 10, ASF has fast spread to many localities killing tens of thousands of pigs. In addition to outbreaks in northern provinces, the disease has occurred in southern provinces such as Dong Nai and Binh Phuoc.
In the middle of April, the Department of Animal Health announced that many localities have had no fresh outbreaks of ASF within 21 days even some announced no ASF virus in its animal.
This move deceptively made people think that the fatal disease of pigs has lessened; nevertheless, in reality, the virus continued spreading within the last two to three weeks ; specifically, Hanoi reported new outbreaks of ASF.
The central province of Nghe An’s Dien Chau District yesterday said more outbreaks of ASF in communes Dien My, Dien Bich, and Dien Quang. Within the past ten days, the district has had an extra of seven outbreaks in communes Dien Van, Dien Kim, Dien Thai and Dien Truong. Worse, in the same time, outbreaks of ASF occurred in Hoang Mai Town and Nghi Loc District also.
Meantime, from May 4 to 10, Thanh Hoa Province also reported outbreaks of ASF in communes Hai THanh, Thanh Thuy, Thanh Son and Hai Hoa and Thieu Hoa District.

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