20 students in central province suffer glomerulonephritis

The Department of Health in the central province of Nghe An yesterday reported to its provincial People’s Committee and the Ministry of Health that 20 students have glomerulonephritis including two succumbing to the illness.

As per the report, from April 11, 2016 to February 21, 2017, 17 junior high school students and three primary students in Que Phong District suffered glomerulonephritis, a type of kidney inflammation. Two of them had died of the disease.

Students were hospitalized with symptoms of color cola-colored urine and frequent urination yet less urine. Of 20 students, 17 were discharged from infirmary, 2 were transferred to the National Children Hospital in Hanoi and died, one was treated in the province Children Hospital. 

After discovering the cases, the health authority set up mission team to take samples for tests. As per initial study, the disease is caused by streptococcus, not exception of toxic food and chemicals.

The local Department of Preventive Medicine took samples of eating and drinking from the houses of the two dead students and food sold nearby diseased students’ schools. On the other hand, local health authority proposed health experts from the Ministry to verify the cause of the illness.

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