Vietnamese virtual assistant platform formally launched

The Ministry of Information and Communications yesterday held a ceremony to official introduce the Vietnamese virtual assistant platform called Viettel Cyberbot.

Vietnamese virtual assistant platform formally launched

Viettel Cyberbot is developed by Viettel Cyber Center (VTCC) to help businesses automate their customer service procedure based on the technology to process Vietnamsese.

Viettel Cyberbot applies AI to understand the content that clients provide in communication and then automatically adjust the system to answer demands of the reality.

This platform is expected to aid enterprises in establishing an automatic hotline system via interacting with customers by Chatbot or Callbot.

Thanks to its super ability to imitate 95 percent of real voices, Viettel Cyberbot will allow businesses to save up to 40 percent of their customer care staff while improving clients’ experience and satisfaction with these businesses.

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