Vietnamese doctors save French with heart attack

Vietnamese doctors in the central province of Thua Thien – Hue brought a 71-year-old French national back to life after heart attack.
Vietnamese doctors save French with heart attack
French man Bernard H was taken into the central hospital in Thua Thien – Hue on October 13 because he experienced chest and belly pains.
While doctors were examining the foreign patient, his heart abruptly stopped bearing and he suffered breathing problem.
Worse, his blood pressure was measured zero and his body turned blue.
Medical workers were quick to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation at bed. Hospital managers called for helps of doctors of all departments.
One hour and a half later, doctors’ efforts were rewarded as he revived after paramedics shocked him 30 times before his heartbeat returned and the measurement of his blood pressure was 100/80 mmHg.
The French was saved thanks to close cooperation between heart doctors and a team of paramedics.
Scan was performed later upon his wife’s agreement and its results showed his left anterior descending artery is blocked totally.A permanent, metallic stent was placed in the man yet he once more fell into low blood pressure and experienced Cardiac arrhythmias.
He was put on ventilators and a machine to creat heartbeat temporarily in the first week.
He was conscious and could talk though he suffered multi-organ failure. Doctors placed a device to help circulation of blood and filtered blood. Accordingly, the man’s condition got stable and he began to eat and breathe without the help of machine from October 27-31.
He was discharged on November 2 in good health condition.

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