Vietnamese doctors apply immunotherapy for cancer treatment

Vietnamese doctors will use blood of cancer patients for splitting lymphatic cell as lymphatic system - the first line of defense against disease - plays an integral role in the immune functions of the body and multiply the immune cells which will be transfused into patients to kill cancerous cells.
Director, Professor Le Van Quang speaks at the ceremony (Photo: SGGP)
Director, Professor Le Van Quang speaks at the ceremony (Photo: SGGP)
Director of the Hanoi-based K Hospital (Cancer Hospital) Associate Professor Le Van Quang yesterday revealed  the new treatment method for cancer in Vietnam at a ceremony to mark the 40th establishment anniversary of Cancer Treatment Subject in the Hanoi Medicine University.
Doctors in Vietnam are employing targeted therapy - a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs or other substances to precisely identify and attack certain types of cancer cell and immunotherapy - a type of cancer treatment that helps patients' immune system fight cancer.
Doctors have applied the targeted therapy for patients at final stage to help them live longer.
Especially, immunotherapy will be used more in the near future.
Professor Ta Thanh Van, Chairman of Scientific Council of the Hanoi Medicine University and his peers have applied immunotherapy on 60 patients with various types of cancer for clinical trial in three years and it produced good results.

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