Vietnamese dairy sector expands to international market despite Covid-19

Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the dairy industry in Vietnam is still persistent to win consumers, creating a firm foothold in the domestic market as well as gradually expanding to international market.

Vietnamese dairy sector gradually expands to international market despite coronavirus pandemic (Photo: SGGP)
Vietnamese dairy sector gradually expands to international market despite coronavirus pandemic (Photo: SGGP)
According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam’s dairy export revenue reached US$302.7 million in 2020, a-year-on-year increase of 10.5 percent. This has been the first time Vietnam’s milk export turnover exceeded $300 million.
The Vietnam Dairy Association said that dairy enterprises have been investing in modern equipment and technologies and ramped up their organic farms which follow Global GAP and VietGAP standards so as to increase quantity , quality and diversify its products in the milk value chains and dairy products in domestic and international markets. Noticeably, Vietnamese dairy enterprises have proved their good milk quality, stability and supply ability to their partners.
Therefore, despite of the impacts of coronavirus pandemic, dairy products of Vinamilk, Vinasoy have been still exported to major markets such as China, the Middle East, Korea, and Japan. Enterprises have exported diversifed dairy products include yogurt, condensed milk, seed milk, organic milk to soft drinks.
Vinamilk has lately signed a $20 million milk export contract with its partners in the Middle East and exported seed milk and tea milk to South Korea. Vinasoy product of Vinasoy Company has been displayed in 61 supermarkets in China.
The Vietnam Dairy Association said that fresh milk production is estimated at 1,702.4 million liters, up by 1 percent against the same period last year. Powder milk was roughly 131,000 tons, increasing 9.1 percent compared to the same period last year. The sector reported a revenue of VND113,715 billion in 2020 or growth rate of 5 percent compared to 2019 thanks to plentiful supply and high demand of milk products. Additionally, dairy enterprises still maintained their traditional distribution system and enhance distribution of milk products through new retailers.
It is predicted that consumption of milk products will be better in 2021 when demand of high nutrient products is forecast to be higher resulting in the sector’s growth of 7 percent in the following year.
In two first months of the year, the sector yielded fruitful results. Specifically, Vinamilk’s ten containers of seed milk products and five other containers of condensed milk products were exported to China in January, 2021.
Last but not least, Nutifood Binh Duong was allowed to export its high-quality organic dairy products including pasteurized, modified and fermented milk to China.
In addition to China market, Vietnamese-made dairy products are displayed in the US, Japan and the Middle East. Dairy enterprises said that to satisfy consumers’ taste, they have designed packages for their own products by themselves as well as invested in production chains.

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