Vietnam wins six medals at Asian- Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2016

Vietnamese students won one Gold, two Silver and three Bronze Medals at the 2016 Asian- Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO) in the Republic of Korea from May 7- 9, announced the Ministry of Education and Training yesterday.

Logo of the 2016 Asian- Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO). (Source:

Logo of the 2016 Asian- Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO). (Source:

169 contestants from 30 countries and territories attended this year competition. Of these, 84 students received medals, an estimated of 49, 7 percent.

Accordingly, one Gold Medal belonged to Phan Duc Nhat Minh, the 11th grader student from Natural Science University's High School in Hanoi.

Two Silver Medals went to Le Quang Tuan and Tran Tan Phat from the Pedagogical University’s High School in Hanoi and Nang Khieu High School under HCMC National University.

12-grade Pham Cao Nguyen, Nguyen Viet Thang and Nguyen Hy Hoai Lam owned three silver medals.

As the final result, Vietnam was ranked the fifth position after Japan, China, Iran and the Republic of Korea and was stood the first position in the Southeast Asia region.

Earlier, Vietnam had one Gold, one Silver and three Bronze Medals in 2013; six Silver Medals in 2014 and three Gold, two Silver and one Bronze Medal last year.

The APIO is an International Olympiad in informatics for high school students within the Asian and Western Pacific region. The first competition was organized by the Australian IOI team in 2007.

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