Vietnam tightening cyber security on national citizen database

The Ministry of Public Security yesterday held a meeting in Hanoi with the Steering Committees of the ‘National Population Database’ project and the ‘Chip-based Citizen ID Card Issuance’ project.

Vietnam tightening cyber security on national citizen database ảnh 1

Statistics reveal that until now, the ‘National Population Database’ project has been able to synchronize necessary information of over 98 million citizens of Vietnam.

Meanwhile, until April 27, the local police departments in 63 provinces and cities nationwide finished recording personal information of more than 33 million people for chip-based ID card issuance.

Minister of Public Security To Lam suggested that in the upcoming time, related state officers need to pour more effort in organizing information in the national population database to ensure concise, precision, and sufficiency before July 1.

The task of cyber security maintenance must be of the highest priority at all time, while the inner-link and inter-link between this database and other national ones should be enhanced simultaneously.