Vietnam making good use of technologies to fight Covid-19

As Covid-19 pandemic one more time marks its footprint in Vietnam in the past few days, technology has proved its effectiveness in the fierce combat against this dangerous virus. Many useful kinds of made-in-Vietnam software, hardware, and platforms are widely used so that people can do their work as usual.

Young people are helping one another to install Bluezone app on their smart devices. (Photo: SGGP)
Young people are helping one another to install Bluezone app on their smart devices. (Photo: SGGP)

At the beginning of 2020, Quang Trung Software City cooperated with IT businesses to develop two systems to check temperature from distance to detect people infected with Covid-19 and to discover individuals without a face mask. These systems are especially helpful when installed at the entrance of high-rise buildings since it can minimize direct contact between people.

At the moment, both systems are integrated into one platform while their precision is greatly improved. They are wholeheartedly welcomed in many organizations and state agencies, under the two forms of either renting or buying.

Another notable application is Bluezone, installed on smart devices to record close contacts among people in a community via Bluetooth. Once there is an F0 in the recorded history, those who happened to have a contact within 2 meters with that F0 will receive a warning and detailed instructions on necessary steps to follow.

It is advisable that as many people installing Bluezone as possible so that the software can exert its full effects.

In the field of education, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) last year introduced VNPT E-Learning, an application for distance learning with such features as digitalizing teaching materials, creating a digital lesson plan, monitoring and evaluating the learning process of students in a class.

A similar technological product for distance teaching and learning is VioEdu by FPT Group. It uses AI to create over 500 exciting lessons, and is still adding more clips to teach more than 100,000 units in the official textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and Training. VioEdu is widely used by nearly 8,000 schools nationwide.

One more significant educational platform developed to serve learning needs in the time of Covid-19 is ViettelStudy by Viettel Business Solutions Corp. at the address of .This is the only online learning social network in the Southeast Asian region. It has well selected learning materials which are regularly updated for both teachers and students to access. It now has over 11 million users from 40,000 schools all over the nation.