Vietnam alerts for bird flu outbreaks

As bird flu outbreaks occurred in flocks of chicken in breeding farms in the norther province of Lang Son and the central province of Ha Tinh, the Ministry of Health August 15 sent it urgent dispatch to provincial and municipal people's committee chairpersons asking to fight against the disease.

The Ministry proposed people's committee chairpersons in coordination with the departments of agriculture and rural development to early discover bird flu outbreaks among flocks of poultry as well as tighten control over transportation and sales of chicken and chicken related products.

Local governments have to observe the bird flu situation and work closely with medical clinics to provide timely treatment to A/H5N6 infected people.

Medical workers should take samples of ill people suffering breathing problems and pneumonia for testing.

Especially medical workers should keep an eye on those who contacted with poultry  to early detect fatal bird flu virus strains to quaranrine them and provide timely treatment.

The Ministry also asked to increase peopel's awareness of the bird flu through media. People are encouraged to restrict contacting with diseased and dead chicken.

Moreover, they should usually wash their hands with soap or infectant after contacting with poultry. People should eat well-cooked poultry meat. They are advised not to eat chicken with unclear indication of origin.

Furthermore, people should go to nearby hospital immediately to receive treatment in case that they experience flu symptoms.

Early, the Department of Animal Health under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development discovered a flock of chicken in breeding farm in Trang Dinh District in the northern province of Lang Son and a flock of duck in Ky Anh District of the central province of Ha Tinh are positive for flu virus A/H5N6.

This virus strain has been discovered for the very first time in Vietnam. This virus strain has caused deaths in China in April, 2014.

However, though the virus strain is fatal, there has been no evidence to show transmission among people to people

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