Urban traffic status in HCMC monitored via Zalo

Director of the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Department of Transport Bui Xuan Cuong announced yesterday that his department cooperated with specialized information technology units to integrate the urban traffic information portal into the application Zalo.

Urban traffic status in HCMC monitored via Zalo

Accordingly, when Zalo users want to know traffic information in HCMC, they can click the bearch bar and then enter the keyword ‘traffic information in HCMC’, followed by pressing the button ‘Interested’.

From that moment, they can easily find out about the traffic status, including traffic threading, closed roads, traffic accidents, and traffic congestion. They can also make good use of nearly 700 installed online cameras if needed. All are supposed to help vehicle controllers choose the best route.

To increase the interaction between users and the system, the Management Center of Saigon Tunnel, the operator of this traffic portal, added a virtual assisstant into Zalo, helping users quickly find precise information in accordance with their needs.

This scheme belongs to the content of the project ‘Transforming HCMC into a smart city in the period from 2017 – 2020, with a vision to 2025’. It also serves as an effective portal which can be accessed anytime and anywhere to improve management activities and interaction between citizens and the local authorities.

The traffic information portal of the city was launched in January 2017, with two versions for the website and mobile device platforms using Android and iOS operating systems.

On this portal, there is also information about parking lots, public toilets, gas stations, hospitals, road construction sites, and a tool for street finding as well as route identification.

Until now, the portal has been hit nearly 2.3 million times.