Thailand permits medical tourists to return, but under strict control

The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) recently relaxed measures allowing four groups of foreigners to return to Thailand, including patients returning for a medical follow-up or those who have joined the government’s Medical and Wellness program.

Patients wishing to come to Thailand for treatment must first test negative to COVID-19, and then quarantined in hospital for 14 days along with the people accompanying them. They will also be tested for COVID-19 while under quarantine.
Each patient is allowed to bring along only three relatives and friends, who will only be allowed to travel around Thailand after quarantine.
Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai, Chief of the Disease Control Department, said foreigners requiring immediate medical treatment will be allowed into the country at all times.
Private hospitals are required to provide names of patients and coordinate with the Foreign Ministry,he said.
Dr Akom Pradittasuwan, Director of the Department of Health Service Support, said the agency has verified 98 hospitals and 26 clinics as alternative hospital quarantine sites, and they will be open to both Thais and foreigners.
Last year, foreign patients spent 15,000 baht (US$480) per session on anti-ageing and rehabilitation, 140,000 baht on cardiovascular care, 300,000 baht on treatment of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles, 29,000 baht on dentistry, almost 500,000 baht on infertility treatments, 700,000 baht on cancer treatments, more than 2 million baht on organ transplants, over 26,000 baht on health examination, up to 50,000 baht on other conditions, 550,000 baht on heart surgery and 350,000 baht on gastric balloon surgery.
This year, it is expected that foreign and Thai expat patients are expected to hold up to 160,000 treatment sessions within three months and bring the country up to 18 billion baht ($580 million) in revenue.

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