SIHUB boosts connections to form million-dollar startups

Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB), one of the leading organizations in startup support activities in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), has been trying to link different domestic and international startup organizations, investment funds, and consultation companies in hope of creating more and more successful startups in Vietnam.

Startups are provided with working space and connections at SIHUB when they want to seek new markets and investors. (Photo: SGGP)
Startups are provided with working space and connections at SIHUB when they want to seek new markets and investors. (Photo: SGGP)

Abivin vRoute is a software solution making use of computer learning and big data analysis to optimize the operation of logistics chains. Many of its current clients are giant enterprises like Friesland Campina, P&G, Highlands Coffee, Habeco, Mesa Group, along with international customers from Myanmar and Singapore. On the Demoday held by SIHUB in 2018, its presentation was able to convince investors and the judge board to attract a large amount of capital, followed by a series of renowned awards such as champion of the Startup World Cup 2019 organized in the US, winner of the title ‘Best Startup on Logistics and Supply Chain’ in the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Award, champion of Techfest Vietnam 2018.

Another successful story under the help of SIHUB is Logivan, a platform to offer bulky goods shipping service nationwide via connections of several transport companies and goods manufacturers to minimize empty truck running. It attracted its first US$7.9-million capital source from Asian investors thanks to the program ‘Runway to The World’ to incubate potential startups by SIHUB and Quest Ventures (from Singapore).

Ami is also a fruitful case of SIHUB support. It provides both hardware and software solutions to help real estate companies save overhead cost and increase revenues through cutting edge technologies like Blockchain, IoT, and AI to link and digitize resident information. Ami offers a method to manage rented houses online thanks to the thorough use of a virtual assistance. Being the champion of Techfest 2017 and owning more than 11 mobile applications with the guaranteed investment of $9 million, Ami also gained many benefits from SIHUB’s program ‘Runway to The World’.

The three above stories are prominent million-dollar startup representatives among dozens of startups incubated by SIHUB and its domestic as well as international partners.

SIHUB announced its cooperation with Expara (a Singaporean pioneer and leader in incubation, early-stage venture capital, innovation training, and consultation) to launch a training program about creativity and suggested value, market identification and analysis, selling channel identification, financial plan preparation.

Another significant program is Vietnam – Korea Technology Transfer (B2B Matching), a collaboration between SIHUB and World-OKTA, Busan Union Technology Center (BUH), held in HCMC to link between Vietnamese businesses and Korean counterparts and universities as to advanced technology transfer. This in a part of SIHUB’s strategic activities to expand internationally in 2020.

“We want to help turn your startup ideas into reality. Besides training activities of the Incubation Center, Expara and SIHUB will continue to support you to attract capital, seek potential markets and investors. Since the Republic of Korea is one of the leaders in applying technology into innovation, we decide that this country is our important partner to exchange experience and form useful connections”, said Huynh Kim Tuoc, CEO of SIHUB.