Quang Binh announces list of projects calling for investment

The People’s Committee of the northern central coastal province of Quang Binh has announced a portfolio in the 2022-2024 period and a collection of investment projects in 2021-2023.
Quang Binh announces list of projects calling for investment ảnh 1 The groundbreaking ceremony of a coastline and Nhat Le Bridge 3 is held in January in Quang Binh Province. (Photo: SGGP)
The portfolio includes investment projects in the field of tourism, trade and services, industry, infrastructure of industrial parks (IP), socio-economic infrastructure.
In which, outstanding trading and tourism investment projects consist of a 280-hectare resort in Bau Sen, Le Thuy District’s Sen Thuy Commune; a 180-hectare tourist area located in Hac Hai Lagoon in Quang Ninh District’s Gia Ninh Commune and Le Thuy District’s Hong Thuy Commune; a 150-hectare tourist area in Phong Nha Town in Bo Trach District; a 137-hectare tourist area in the But Fall in Minh Hoa District’s Yen Hoa Commune; and a 80-hectare one at the Mineral Hot Springs Ngu Chau in Tuyen Hoa District.
IP infrastructure development projects include Bang Industrial Park in Phu Thuy and Mai Thuy communes in Le Thuy District; Tay Bac Quan Hau industrial zone in Luong Ninh and Vinh Ninh communes, Quan Hau Town in Quang Ninh District; Bo Trach industrial park in Tay Hoa and Bo Trach communes in Bo Trach District; Hon La industrial zone 2 in Quang Trach District’s Quang Phu Commune; Hon La industrial zone in Quang Hung and Quang Tung communes in Quang Trach District and an industrial complex in Ba Don Town’s Quang Tho Commune.
The collection of 62 projects calling for investment in the 2021-2023 period covers areas of industry, energy, trade, and tourism and infrastructure development, such as a high-tech pig farming project in Le Thuy District, an automotive parts manufacturer, Le Thuy wind power station 3.
On the occasion of the 2021 investment promotion conference, the province kicked off two key projects, including a coastline and Nhat Le Bridge 3, and Dong Hoi Airport Expansion Project.

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