Petrol shops in Mekong Delta, Dong Nai reopen

Many petrol stations in the Mekong Delta and the Southern Province of Dong Nai resumed operation after closure amidst a shortage of the item.
Petrol shops in Mekong Delta, Dong Nai reopen ảnh 1 A petrol station in the Mekong Delta

Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Dong Thap Province Nguyen Huu Dung said that responsible agencies have not recorded speculation of petrol or oil.

Of roughly 514 retail petrol and oil retailers, four petrol retail stores closed the door because employees went home on the occasion of the Lunar New Year of Tiger in 2022. They are all back to work again.

In Kien Giang province, about 40 stores of Petrolimex Kien Giang and about 200 other petrol retail stores are operated normally.

Mr. Tran Thanh Tam, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade in An Giang Province, said that in the past few days in the province, 23 petrol and oil retail businesses asked to suspend their business due to lack of supply and losses. Up to now, 18 of the 23 above-mentioned shops have reopened.

There are approximately 586 petrol stations, with 4 branches, subsidiaries, petroleum wholesalers, two general agents, seven petroleum distributors in An Giang Province and 21 petroleum distributors outside the province. Distributors in An Giang Province are having difficulty in buying petrol from wholesalers because they hadn’t signed contracts with wholesalers beforehand; thus, they hardly have access to the supply from wholesalers.

Deputy Director of An Giang Department of Industry and Trade in An Giang Province Tran Thanh Tam said that the Department recommended the Ministry of Industry and Trade to create conditions for businesses to reserve supplies and adjust domestic gasoline prices flexibly, in line with world gasoline prices.

Responsible bodies should forecast more closely market supply and demand. He proposed the Ministry of Industry and Trade work with distributors to ensure that retailers have enough sources of goods.

The Department of Industry and Trade in Ca Mau Province announced seven private petrol stations in the area that have stopped operating due to lack of fuel.

Recently, the situation of petroleum supply in Ca Mau has been difficult. The petrol and oil distributors bumped into difficulties in buying petrol from wholesalers, so they are not sure of the supply of petrol and oil to retailers. For example, in its document to the local authorities, Ly Tan Tai Company stated the difficulty of limited and insufficient supply to agents and the company's reserve has almost run out.

Recently, the authorities of Ca Mau Province have conducted supervision of petrol and oil trading units in the province. Accordingly, out of 389 petrol and oil stores in the province, seven of which have stopped selling because of the expiration of the certificate of petrol and oil trading, renovation and repair of stores while some have run out of petrol. Worse, some of them said that they ordered but the petroleum distributors had not provided.

On the morning of February 10, many closed gas stations in the Southern Province of Dong Nai’s Bien Hoa City have reopened after closure. The big petrol stations such as Bien Hoa Station Gas Station, No. 5 Gas Station, Tin Nghia Gas Station are operating normally.

According to employees working at Bien Hoa Bus Station, every day the station receives 1,500 liters of Ron 95 gasoline with a stable supply, the station doesn’t worry about running out of petrol.

Ben Cat petrol station in Hoa An ward in Bien Hoa City has also reopened to meet the increased demand whereas Tan Hanh in Bui Huu Nghia street in Tan Hanh ward of Minh Son Company still hangs the sign "out of gas".

Gas station owner Nguyen Van Minh said that before Tet, the gas station imported 11,000 liters which was sold out on the Lunar New Year Eve and since then it did not import gasoline anymore. He explained that the store imported 1 liter of Ron 95 gasoline for VND24,310 with a discount of VND50, but each liter of gasoline transported costs VND90; accordingly, the store lost VND40 each liter of petrol excluding staff wages, electricity and water.