Petrol prices strongly reduce

Petrol price has strongly reduced by VND1,446 a liter of ethanol gasoline blend E5 RON92 to VND17,181 and VND1,513 a liter of RON95-III to VND18,459 since December 6.
Petrol prices strongly reduce

The price cut is according to requirements by Inter- Ministries of Industry & Trade and Finance.

Diesel price has slid VND1,379 a liter to VND16,258, kerosene has dropped VND990 a liter to VND15,252, mazut decreased VND784 a kilogram to VND14,402.

The two ministries require businesses to keep contribution level to the price stabilization fund unchanged to E5RON92 and RON95 gasoline. It is VND800 to kerosene, diesel and mazut.

Petrol price has reduced a total of VND2,419 a liter of E5RON92 and VND2,606 a liter of RON95-III, VND2,286 a liter of diesel, VND1,834 a liter of kerosene and VND1,292 a kilogram of mazut  since November.