People should be alert to paid vaccine advertising on social media

Knowing the vaccination demand is high as the disease has been developing complicatedly, advertising of Covid-19 vaccination services have gone viral on social media lately.

People should be alert to paid vaccine advertising on social media  ảnh 1
Most advertisers have offered vaccination of AstraZeneca; yet, some of them advertised Pfizer vaccine which has not been imported in Vietnam. Some individuals even though boasted to organize vaccination in households, or companies.

However, they have given unclear information on prices and even immunization venues.

An employee of Bao Son International Hospital at 52 Nguyen Chi Thanh in Vietnam’s capital’s Dong Da announced that the infirmary has offered testing service for the coronavirus at the cost of VND1.2 million with certificates for those who need for their business trips or study in foreign countries.

Furthermore, the hospital also provides paid Covid-19 vaccination in one month later as scheduled. She advised those who need vaccination to leave their mobile number and addresses so that the infirmary will contact them later.

Regarding this issue, Former Head of the Department for Preventative Medicine, Dr. Tran Dac Phu, a consultant for the Ministry of Health's Public Health Emergency Operations Center, said that the National Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has lately discussed expansion of paid vaccination service at some meetings.

The Steering Committee and the Ministry of Health have not allowed any unit or organization to provide vaccination services because the supply is currently limited and vaccines have been allocated for residents in coronavirus hotspots.

Therefore, people must be very alert to vaccination invites because they may lose money and their health condition is affected as they receive low-quality unlicensed vaccines without a clear indication of origin. The Ministry of Health will issue specific instructions and announcements on immunization when the Covid-19 vaccine is imported to ensure sufficient use.

To prevent people from being deceived, the Ministry of Health has also issued a warning that the Covid-19 vaccine is given free of charge to all people. Therefore, everyone needs to stay calm and wait for their turn to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.