Over 5.3 millions of Vietnamese people have pre-diabetes

Around 5.3 millions of Vietnamese people or 8.6 percent of the country’s population have pre-diabetes, announced Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Diabetes and Endocrinology Tran Huu Dang.
Frequent blood glucose test (Illustrative photo)
Frequent blood glucose test (Illustrative photo)

He made the statement at a yesterday meeting to raise people’s awareness of prediabetes in response to the World Diabetes Day ( on November 14).

Around 373.9 millions of people aged from 20 to 79 suffer pre-diabetes accounting for 7.5 percent of the world’s population. Of 373.9 millions of people, 5.3 millions of Vietnamese have pre-diabetes. It is forecast that by 2045, approximately 7.9 millions of people have pre-diabetes.

According to Chairman Dang, prediabetes means a person has a higher than normal blood sugar level; but not high enough yet to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes which is one of four non-communicable diseases causing leading death in the world and in the Southeast Asian country.

The national non-communicable disease prevention strategy for the 2015 – 2025 period outlined the goal to reduce people with prediabetes and diabetes, people with disabilities and deaths related to the non-communicable diseases.

Moreover, the country will monitor the rate of pre-diabetes patients aged 30 to 69 under 16 percent. The health sector will screen people because early screening, discovery and treatment on people with pre-diabetes will help reducing the rate of people with type 2 diabetes as well as prevent complications of heart disease and diabetes to improve people’s life, said Chairman Dang.

Most of pre-diabetes people are discovered to have the disease when they undergo periodic medical check-ups or discover accidentally when they are being treated other disease. Vietnamese people don’t have habit to actively take the blood glucose test.