One more dead in mass poisoning case in Lai Chau

One more victim in the mass poisoning case in District Phong Tho  of the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau was reported dead, said health authority in the province yesterday.

Relatives of the victim discovered the corpse when they came back from the paddy field. Though health authority has advised him to go to the local infirmary for treatment before, he refused.

Accordingly, as of February 16, eight people were killed and 27 others were hospitalized in the poisoning case which is blamed on methanol in alcohol at a funeral ceremony. Some others were discharged from infirmary.

A group of medical workers from Bach Mai Hospital  arrived at the province on February 16 to help their colleagues in treating victims. Through examination, deputy director Dr. Mai Trong Khoa said that most victims have high methanol concentration in blood.

Concerning to poisoning case in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang’s District Hoang SU Phi, the province's General Hospital on February 16 admitted 69 patients while 30 others who suffered slight symptoms of poisoning were hospitalized in commune medical center. They all attended a wedding party in Hoang Van Kim’s house.

Until now, they no longer suffered serious condition.

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