Newborn twin girls die of congenital metabolic disorders

The Health Department in the central province of Nghe An yesterday announced at the press brief that the culprit of newborn twin girl death was congenital metabolic disorders after receiving vaccine.
At the press briefing (Photo: SGGP)
At the press briefing (Photo: SGGP)
Director of the provincial Department of Health Duong Dinh said that the Department’s scientific council came to the conclusion about the death after probing vaccination procedure, vaccine transportation and preservation.
All were done rightly according to the regulation.
According to the scientific council’s preliminary conclusion, the two neonates with inherited errors of metabolism are diagnosed to have sudden death at birth or in the first few days of life.
As per the Department’s report, 31-year-old pregnant in Nghia Dan District underwent a c-section when giving birth to twins at the Northwest Regional General Hospital in Nghe An. One weighed 3.1 kilogram and other 3.3 kilogram.
The twins were injected with Hepatitis B vaccine on October 11. Four hours later, the first baby turned pale and experienced breathing problem. She died later despite physicians’ efforts to save her.
The second baby also showed the same abnormal signs and then was transferred to the provincial Maternity Hospital. She died on the way to the hospital.
According to a report of the Northwest Regional General Hospital, other 16 children were also vaccinated against hepatitis B with the same batch of medicine with the twin. They have not had any abnormal reactions.

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