MoIT orders clarifying quality of Gau Do instant noodle batch exported to Taiwan

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has recently issued a document saying that the Gau Do (Red Bear) instant noodles of Asia Foods Corporation were found by Taiwanese authorities to have inappropriate Ethylene Oxide content.

Specifically, when inspecting a shipment of 500 CTN (945kg) of Gau Do instant noodles at the border gate imported by Qian Foods Enterprise Co., Ltd., the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) detected Ethylene Oxide content at 3,438mg per kg in the seasoning package and 0.107mg per kg in the noodles.

After receiving the notice, the Ministry of Industry and Trade requested Asia Foods Corporation to urgently report information on quantity, production batch, expiry date, export market, and a copy of self-declared documents of food with test results produced and sold by this company in Vietnam and exported to Taiwan market in 2022, as well as the company's instant noodle production technology process.

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