Ministry warns of disease outbreak risks during spring festival season

On February 17, the Ministry of Health reported that during the recent Tet holiday, the country did not document any cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza in humans, including A(H5N1), A(H5N6), and A(H7N9).

Moreover, there were no reported cases of Covid-19, monkeypox, or MERS-CoV-2.

However, in Ca Mau, there were 357 cases of dengue fever, 225 cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), and, unfortunately, one fatality from rabies. As for other infectious diseases, no major outbreaks were reported, and they were generally well controlled.

However, as it is currently the winter-spring season and after Tet is the festive season, which prompts increased social interactions and travel, creating favorable conditions for the potential spread of diseases such as flu, measles, HFMD, and Covid-19.

To combat this, the Ministry of Health advises provincial health departments to intensify the implementation of disease prevention and control plans for 2024 and continue to deploy effective measures such as maintaining cleanliness, ensuring food safety, and enhancing awareness of disease prevention in educational settings.

Additionally, measures should be taken to prevent and control disease outbreaks among livestock and poultry while animal outbreaks should be promptly identified and addressed to prevent the transmission of diseases from animals and food to humans.

Especially, local disease control centers and preventive healthcare units are urged to closely monitor the rise in cases of respiratory-transmitted diseases and severe cases of viral pneumonia and maintain efficient and regular surveillance to promptly detect any cases at border checkpoints.

The Ministry of Health also urges units and local authorities to implement measures ensuring the availability of logistics, funding, medications, vaccines, biological products, supplies, chemicals, equipment, and personnel to effectively combat infectious diseases and prepare response plans for different outbreak situations.

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