Ministry of Health urges to accelerate vaccinations to create more green zones

Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long yesterday urged provinces and cities under the Central to speed up vaccination against Covid-19, facilitate and ensure safe injection for all people aged from 18 years old and above, the elderly and frontline medical staff and give vaccination priority to people in worst-hit areas to soon repel the fourth wave of Covid-19 outbreak and create more and more green zones. 
It is necessary to mobilize forces involved in vaccination campaigns, set up fixed facilities and mobile points for vaccination at the localities, absolutely avoid vaccine wastage, not limit to the number of vaccinated people.

The Ministry of Health said that there have been more than 8.8 million vaccinated people against Covid-19 in the country. Among them, around eight million people got the first doses. 

According to the instruction of the Ministry of Health, two shots are currently required for most approved Covid-19 vaccines and the recommended interval between two doses depends on each vaccine and the manufacturer's guidelines. The recommended interval between the first and second shots is about eight to 12 weeks for AstraZeneca, three weeks for Comirnaty vaccine of Pfizer-BioNTech and four weeks for Moderna. 

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