Ministry launches support platform to help ensure information system safety

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) on November 30 launched a management support platform to assist agencies and organisations in ensuring safety of their information systems.
Delegates press the button to launch the platform (Photo: VNA)
Delegates press the button to launch the platform (Photo: VNA)

The MIC’s Authority of Information Security, which developed the platform, said there are currently more than 456,690 computer addresses (IP) in Vietnam located in a virus-infected network (Botnet), while only 63% of information systems of State agencies and organizations have been approved for safety at different levels.

Addressing the launching ceremony, held during the Vietnam Cyber Security Day 2023, MIC Deputy Minister Nguyen Huy Dung said the launching of the management support platform for information system safety is an important milestone in ensuring cybersecurity in general as well as information security at each level in particular, thus contributing to promoting the comprehensive digital transformation in management over information security, he said.

According to the MIC, each ministry, sector, and locality will have an administrative account to use the platform.

Information and data of each agency are managed separately, and confidentially, ensuring that information and data of agencies cannot be seen by others.

Along with allowing the submission and approval of dossiers on the information safety level, the platform also supports database management, providing statistical charts and real-time online measurements.

Particularly, the platform also reports problems and requirements that each information system has not met according to the law, enabling management agencies at different levels to know and fix them.

After the platform is in stable operation, the MIC will gather information and data from the platform to report to the Government and Prime Minister serving the evaluation and ranking of information system security performance at different levels in ministries, sectors, and localities.

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