Market capitalization of UPCoM market exceeds VND1 quadrillion

According to statistics, by the end of August this year, market capitalization of unlisted public companies (UPCoM) exceeded VND1 quadrillion (US$43.08 billion) with a total of 850 enterprises having registered.
Total registered volume of transactions on the UPCoM was above 39.6 billion shares, worth VND396.6 trillion. 

In the past month, foreign investors pumped capital heavily into the UPCoM market, helping the UPCoM-Index to reach 57.9 points in the last trading session of August. Last months, nearly 427 million shares were transferred, worth nearly VND10.8 trillion. Stocks being traded most included GVR with 35.8 million shares, BSR with 33 million shares, VIB with 22 million shares and GEG with 22 million shares.

Trading volume of foreign investors nearly touched 426 million shares, worth VND10.8 trillion, of which buying value exceeded VND777 billion, including QNS, VEA, LPB, BSR and ACV and selling value surpassed VND583 billion, including VEA, BSR, BCM and ACV. In August, foreign investors had net bought roughly VND194 billion on the UPCoM market.

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