Lam Dong urgently handling ASF outbreak after detection of 24 dead pigs

The People's Committee of Lam Dong Province has just given directives to promptly carry out measures against African swine fever (ASF) in Lac Duong District after the death of 24 pig-boar hybrids infected with the disease at a farm.


According to the epidemiological investigation, the Van Truong Thanh Limited Company on National Highway 27C, Da Nhim Commune, Lac Duong District raised 450 pig-boar hybrids.

From March 12 to March 16, the company detected about 10 sows with signs of eating refusal. By the afternoon of March 16, seven out of the pigs died on the farm.

Right after the situation, the company took blood samples from three sows for testing and dead pigs gave positive results with African swine fever.

By March 21, the company continued to detect more pig-boar hybrids dead and proceeded to cull the infected pigs by burning.

To timely prevent the risk of spread, loss and environmental pollution from the disease, the People's Committee of Lam Dong Province requested functional units to mobilize all resources to handle, delineate, isolate and prevent thoroughly the spread of the disease.

The local authority asked the swine farmers and people not to sell off, slaughter and dispose of ASF-infected pigs or pigs suspected of the disease; and to prepare well for vaccination campaigns for livestock throughout the district.

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