Implementation of 2-percent interest rate support package remains sluggish

The implementation progress of the 2-percent interest rate support package is extremely slow, the Ministry of Finance informed at a press conference for the fourth quarter of 2022 on January 9 in Hanoi.

Adding more information about the difficulties and obstacles of this support package, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duong, Deputy Director of the Department of Banking and Financial Institutions, said that businesses were not interested and concerned that if they received support money, they would be inspected and audited later. The condition for enterprises to be supported is recoverability, but banks said they faced difficulties in recoverability assessment.

According to the review of commercial banks, by September 30, 2022, the outstanding loans of the group of customers eligible to receive interest rate support signed loan agreements and disbursed after January 1, 2022, about VND850,000 billion, equivalent to more than 750,000 customers. Commercial banks have actively sent information to customers.

However, up to 650,000 customers, or 87 percent, did not meet the conditions. Only more than 100,000 customers, or 13 percent, met the loan conditions. Of these, only 7 percent of customers have received interest rate support and are completing the interest rate support dossier; 26 percent of customers have not responded, and up to 67 percent of customers have responded that they do not need interest rate support.