Hot weather spurs demand for cooling products

Despite not fully transitioning into the hot season, the soaring temperatures have spiked demand for cooling products, particularly in the mid-range segment with sharp discounts.

Fresh fruits sold at a Co.opmart Supermarket in HCMC

At some electronics stores like Nguyen Kim, Thien Nam Hoa, and Cho Lon, there has been a gradual uptick in both in-store foot traffic and online customer engagement compared to before.

Numerous imported products from Thailand, South Korea, and Malaysia are currently on attractive discounts, drawing customers to Nguyen Kim Electronics Store at GO! Truong Chinh Supermarket in Tan Phu District over the weekends.

For instance, the Reetech air conditioner, originating from Thailand, is now priced at VND5.39 million, reduced by VND1.6 million, while the Kangaroo evaporative cooler is available at nearly 50 percent off, priced at VND2.49 million. Similarly, Thien Nam Hoa Electronics Store is offering discounts ranging from 5 to 24 percent on selected electric fan models; Hikawa air conditioners 1-2HP are now discounted by 20 percent, with prices at VND6.19 million for 1HP model and VND12.5 million for 2HP model.

Le Van Toan, living in Tan Phu District, mentioned that his household only has two small fans. As several supermarkets offer significant discounts, he has decided to purchase an evaporative cooler priced at nearly VND1.8 million.

A customer chooses air conditioner at Nguyen Kim Electronics Store in Go! Truong Chinh Supermarket.

According to supermarket representatives, many customers now prefer to browse technical specifications, prices, discounts, and warranty details on the website before finalizing their purchases via hotline or online payment. As a result, visiting the physical store has become less crucial.

The demand for vegetables, fruits, and sunscreen products after Tet has skyrocketed compared to regular days. Nguyen Vy, the owner of a beverage stall in a small alley on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1, shared that she used to sell 50-60 glasses of orange juice a day, but she now sells nearly 100 glasses.

Similarly, Lan Phuong, who operates an online cosmetics and fashion clothing business in District 10, happily revealed that sunscreen orders increased by 15-25 percent right after Tet, focusing on products from Thailand, Japan, and France.

Fruit products for cooling are also in high demand.

Information from wholesale markets across Ho Chi Minh City indicates that after February 24 (the first full-moon of the lunar year), the influx of goods will be stable like the pre-Tet levels. Prices at Thu Duc wholesale market stand at VND13,000 per kg for king oranges, VND18,000 per kg for green-skinned pomelos, and VND15,000 per kg for Can Tho star apples. Daily arrivals of fruits at Thu Duc and Hoc Mon wholesale markets surpass 820 tons and 320 tons, respectively. Retail fruit prices exceed wholesale rates by VND5,000-15,000 per kg, varying by product.

Customers buy king oranges at Hoc Mon Wholesale Market.

Data from the e-commerce platform Metric shows that from January 1, 2024 to now, the combined revenue of Shopee and TikTok Shop amounted to VND28.7 trillion, with 317.6 million products sold across over 326,000 shops, including various electronics and electrical items.

The peak revenue for these platforms occurred one week before the Lunar New Year, from January 1 to 7, totaling VND4.2 trillion, as consumers were actively engaged in Tet shopping.

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