Hospitals must ensure medical services during National Day holiday

The Ministry of Health asked its sub-units and departments of health of provinces and cities nationwide to ensure medical services during the National Day holiday.
Illustrative photo

Illustrative photo

Accordingly, the relevant units and localities were required to strictly comply with the directions of the Government, Prime Minister, Ministry of Health on epidemic prevention and control, monitoring and strictly controlling the new epidemics; arrange and assign medical staff to be on duty during the four-day holiday; ensure conditions on human resources, facilities, medical equipment and supplies and maintain the regular operation of agencies, units to ensure the highest capacity in curing cases of traffic accidents; proactively catch up the situations and handle the arising issues and so on.

As for hospitals, it is essential to ensure the full shifts in four levels.

Besides, the hospitals are assigned to perform emergency cases and treatment as well as ensure medical services without refusing or tardy handling the cases for all of the emergency patients. In addition, the hospitals are required to clearly clarify for patients and their relatives in case of using off-line health insurance.

On the other hand, hospitals must arrange for its staff to perform permanent work outside the hospital and be ready to deal with emergency mass accidents, serious traffic accidents and disasters due to crowded people.

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