Hoarding fuel for reselling strictly prohibited

Seeing that the fuel demands these days cannot be satisfied due to limited supply nationwide, many people in the Northern region are trying to buy petrol and oil in large amounts and then reselling to needy people via different kinds of small containers without formal permission from the authorities.

A gas station in An Giang Province posted the ‘out of stock’ notice

On November 7 in Hanoi, it was easy to spot certain people selling fuel along major roads like Nguyen Thai Hoc, Giai Phong, Nguyen Van Cu, Pham Van Dong, Nguyen Trai. The prices they charge are normally VND5,000-7,000 (US$0.2-0.28) higher than official regulated prices.

Meanwhile, at gas stations in Hanoi, several people bring along various kinds of containers to buy petrol, ranging from plastic bottles to metal mobile fuel tanks. The Hanoi Steering Committee 389 said that although this quantity is on the wane, the situation of street vendors trading fuel like this is not only wreaking havoc on the already unstable prices but also posing danger to the neighborhood as to social order and traffic safety.

After the introduction of the directive of the Industry and Trade Ministry on November 5 about ensuring fuel supply sources, there were misunderstanding about legal regulations on selling fuel via mini pumps or hand pumps, via mobile fuel tanks, cans, bottles, and other similar containers. Two days later, this Ministry had to issue a press release to further explain the content of the above directive.

Accordingly, citizens are never forbidden from buying fuel using their own bottles or mobile tanks to use for other purposes besides powering their vehicles. However, since fuel is a special kind of commodities, trading it must observe certain conditions, especially those related to fire prevention, goods quality, and storage, along with proper registration to the authorities for a permit.

The law strictly prohibits storing fuel for hoarding, illegally selling to earn profit. Citizens will be punished if they sell fuel using mini pumps, hand pumps, cans, tanks, and similar containers. Nevertheless, people are not forbidden from buying fuel using their own bottles or mobile tanks.

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