High rice export price benefits farmers

In 2020, the volume of Vietnamese rice exports to the world reached 6.15 million tons with a value of about US$3.07 billion, said the Ministry of Industry and Trade yesterday.


Farmers in the Mekong Delta harvest rice (Photo: SGGP)
Farmers in the Mekong Delta harvest rice (Photo: SGGP)

Though the volume of Vietnam's rice exports was down by 3.5 percent compared to 2019, earnings from rice export surged by 9.3 percent. Average rice export price in the whole year was estimated to hit $499 per ton, up by 13.3 percent over the prior year.

According to the Ministry, last year price was highest in recent years helping to increase farmers’ income. Vietnamese farmers have gradually switched to growing fragrant rice and high-quality rice varieties to improve the value.

Farmers and exporters also pay attention to rice quality improvement and traceability with the orientation towards meeting strict quality requirements in the US, South Korea and the EU markets.

The fruitful achievement in the agricultural sector in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic hit the country manifested the efforts of farmers and enterprises plus good management of the Government and related ministries.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the country has still achieved the two goals which the government has set for rice production and export. Food security was ensured in 2020 even amid the outbreaks of the pandemic.

The Ministry expected that rice exports will continue gaining new achievements in 2021 both ensuring food security and good price for farmers.