Hanoi pre-schools lack basic hygiene amenities

Ministry of Health inspectors checking on many pre-schools in Hanoi found that basic hygiene requirements like water taps and soap were not being provided, which were a great impediment in preventing hand-foot-mouth disease in children.

An inspection team sent by the Ministry of Health surveyed many nurseries in Hanoi yesterday to see first hand the measures being taken to contain the hand-foot-mouth disease in educational institutes.

The team found that some schools purchased Chloramine B to disinfect the surroundings without any guidance from medical workers. Inspectors explained to the school authorities to sanitize toys and other items in class with Chloramine B disinfectant as per instructions, as small children can have adverse health reactions if there is more than 2 percent Chloramine B in the water used for disinfecting.

Yet another group of health inspectors visited the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh, a hot spot for HFMD in North Vietnam. To date, the province has reported more than 380 cases of hand-foot-mouth in 11 districts, including 18 kids testing positive for virus EV71, a new and highly dangerous strain of virus.

The Department of Health in Hoa Binh province was asked to enhance propaganda of the disease in communities as well as disinfect all pre-school and household premises where HFM had been contracted.

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