Foreign investors suddenly net buy more than VND5.7 trillion

According to statistics by securities companies, along with strongly increased market liquidity, trading on Vietnam’s stock market was fairly vibrant with foreign investors unexpectedly net bought for more than VND5.7 trillion (US$243.54 million) in the past week.
Particularly, on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE), foreign investors net sold for four trading sessions and only net bought in the trading session on May 21. However, they have net bought 34.35 million shares worth VND5.14 trillion ($219.61 million) whereas they net sold 21.17 million shares worth VND648.29 billion ($27.69 million) in the week before last week.
Meanwhile, on the Hanoi Stock Exchange, foreign investors net sold for three trading sessions and net bought for two trading sessions. In total, they net bought VND142 billion while they net sold VND318.16 billion in the week before last week.
On the UPCoM, foreign investors net bought 7.88 million shares worth VND428.48 billion whereas they net sold 1.87 million shares worth VND28.93 billion.
Thus, on three trading floors, foreign investors have bought 39.16 million shares worth up to VND5.71 trillion while they have sold nearly 38.9 million shares worth VND995.38 billion in the week before last week.
The reason for sudden net buying of foreign investors in the past week mainly came from put-through transaction of large-cap stock VIC on the HOSE. Particularly, on May 21, foreign investors net bought 50.76 million shares of VIC worth more than VND5.73 trillion.

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