Firms wish to invest in salt and seafood production

At a meeting with authorities of the Mekong Delta Province of Bac Lieu, domestic and foreign companies wished to invest in salt and seafood production.

Salt prices in Bac Lieu Province are unstable, so salt farmers encounter many difficulties

The People's Committee of Bac Lieu Province yesterday convened a meeting with Hoang Phat Group Investment Joint Stock Company, Arri Viet Food Company Limited, and Grand International Investment Private Joint Stock Company (Singapore).

Representatives from companies expressed their desire to invest in salt production and intensive processing of salt as well as sustainable aquaculture in coastal areas of Bac Lieu Province.

Talking at the meeting, Chairman Pham Van Thieu of Bac Lieu Provincial People's Committee emphasized that authorities will support and create conditions for businesses' development of production and trading of salt and seafood products in the province as this will help the province to grow the marine economy with the focus on improving the value of salt grains; thereby, helping salt farmers in the province increase their income as well as help the province protect and maintain the long-standing salt industry.

Bac Lieu Province currently has more than 1,400 hectares of salt production area. Salt farmers produce about 27,400 tons annually. Recently, salt prices in Bac Lieu Province have been unstable, so salt farmers have encountered many difficulties.

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